When:           Thursday December 5, 2013, starting at 7:00 PM

Where:         Berkeley Arts Festival Space, 2133 University Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704 (Wheelchair accessible)

Why:             Organize the Bay Area to save our public postal service


 Strategy Meeting to Defend the Postal Service

The Community of Berkeley heeds the call for a Grand Alliance to defend America’s right to a vibrant public postal service

Berkeley, CA – Writing to Congress is important, but it is not enough. Lobbying for legislation is important, but it is not enough.  To succeed, postal workers must build a movement.  We must build a grand alliance between the people of this country and postal workers.  We must mobilize our allies and their organizations, including seniors, retirees, civil rights organizations, veterans groups, the labor movement, community and faith-based organizations, the Occupy movement, and business groups in defense of America’s right to vibrant public postal services. – Mark Dimondstein, President, American Postal Workers Union

In Berkeley, the historic post office at 2000 Allston Way faces the threat of privatization.  The Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service in collaboration with the mega-real estate corporation CBRE wants to sell this building as part of their strategy to dismantle our public postal service and shutter the largest unionized employer in the country.

To defend the right of collective bargaining, to defend the union movement, to defend the right to publicly control the means of communication, and to resist the theft of public goods by the 1%, we must organize a grass-roots movement to work at the local level to block the seizure of the essential resources we hold in common.

In Berkeley, we are testing methods in real-time to prevent the privatization of public goods like the USPS.  These methods can be adopted by other communities, and they can be refined and synchronized to work in a nation-wide movement.

Come to learn more about our legislative, judicial, and direct action tactics.  Discuss with us how to bring democratic pressure to bear on Berkeley’s elected officials to pass a zoning overlay, which would obstruct the sale of the downtown Berkeley Post Office.  Come to learn more about the toxic strategies of the privatizers.  Join us in our efforts.  Contribute your energy and ideas to protect the public integrity of our communities.

Statement by APWU President Mark Dimondstein: http://www.apwu.org/news/nsb/2013/nsb21-dimonstein-grand_alliance.htm

Berkeley Post Office Defense: http://bpod.us/

Community and Postal Workers United: http://cpwunited.com/cpwu-newsletters

Save The Post Office: http://www.savethepostoffice.com/

StrikeDebtBay Area: http://strike-debt-bay-area.tumblr.com/



Contact: Mike Wilson 510-299-0493, electionamend@gmail.com, or JP Massar 510-883-0580, massar@alum.mit.edu